We're Back, Baby!


Words can't explain how excited I am to launch this website, and that's pretty ironic, considering that this is, like, a blog. We'll just have to try our best, I suppose.

Though my resume, Instagram bio, and mouth all say I'm a blogger, I haven't posted a piece of writing on the Internet since October 2015. I know. Pretty ridiculous. You can listen to my excuses in the video below, but in short, I just got really excited about other things (like YouTube!).

You can't keep a 20-something with this many feelings away from a digital outlet for long, though. I'm back! But the difference with this blog, A Healthy Han, as opposed to all of the other blogs I've had, is that this blog won't be me-centered.

This space exists for me to use my experiences to help others.

To give you the quick spiel, I want to help people realize that when they stand up and take control over the parts of their life that they actually have control over (e.g. diet, positive thinking, exercise), it becomes easier to make peace with the things that they don't have control over, like illness. And in that way, everyone has the chance to be healthy! Even sick kids like me.

So, what can you expect on this blog?



Creative writing.


Health updates.

Exercise tips.



And anything else you ask for.

I hope you're having an awesome day - I know I am.


xo, a healthy (and happy) Han