What is College?

I haven't blogged in a while...

I'm gonna work on that.

Promise. :)

So, where to start. Since my last post, all of my attention has basically been on college applications. I won't post my number one (mainly because I don't want to jinx anything) but it's elite and super hard to get into and expensive and blahhh. But, I'm in love with it: I've visited twice, and I know with everything I have that it's the place where I would be happy. It's just stressful, because even though I take all honors and AP classes at school, my GPA really isn't that high. Missing a lot of school really takes its toll on your grades. I'm hoping that admissions counselors will be able to look past my marks and realize that I'm at least a little bright--I have an okay ACT score and I'm really proud of my essays, so we'll see what happens. I only have one more school to apply to (by Friday) and then I will have applied to four schools. Those results will be ready before Christmas, and if I don't get into any of my top four, I'll send out another batch of applications to slightly easier schools by January 1st.

Other than applications, I've been doing a lot of writing, a lot of homework, and a lot of coughing. Band is STILL GOING ON because our football team has been kicking butt, which I like as a senior but dislike as someone who's basically allergic to fall. Spending so much time in the cold and the rain has got me pretty sick, at the moment. I'm not sure if I'll schedule an appointment at the clinic tomorrow or not--the marking period just ended at school and I missed all of last week, so I really really need to get back in the classroom. Too many decisions. I wish someone would just make them for me.

All of this craziness with college and CF has just made me get really stressed, and I'm just not feeling happy. And after weighing my priorities, I've decided that after my health, my happiness should come first. Writing makes me happy. Or, at least, a little calmer. That's why I'm rededicating myself to this blog, my poems and stories, and I'm going to try to start journaling. (We'll see how that goes!) Other than that, I'm just going to pray pray PRAY that the admissions counselors at my dream school are impressed by my application. I wish they could meet me . . . it's hard to imagine that my entire being could be correctly and seamlessly transposed on a piece of paper.