Summer Admission

Well, guess where I am.

Yup, Bronson Methodist Hospital. I got here Monday after my clinic appointment. My numbers had gone up to 57%, which isn't THAT much lower than my baseline, but Dr. Marks said that after a week of such potent antibiotics, they should've been higher. I also lost two additional pounds after focusing all week on eating a lot of high calorie foods. My dad had dropped me off at the clinic and went to take care of something for a friend, and he said he would definitely make it back in time. He didn't, actually. I had to stall like 20 minutes, and he wasn't happy to find out I was being admitted...but one I explained to him that my choices are either to do it now before school or just get admitted in a month and stay here for double the time, he seemed to relax into a more positive mindset.

So my dad drove me to the hospital, walked me up to my room, and then had to head back for work. Luckily I'm 18 now, and can sign my own papers and check myself in. I got a chest x-ray because Dr. Marks suspected pneumonia, but the results turned out to be pretty much the same as my last chest x-ray. Which was very good news to hear(: I then got an IV, and that hurt, like it always does. I don't have a phobia of needles or anything...that'd be silly, at this point in my life. But I have bad veins in my hands and wrists that like to roll and hide from nurses, and of course, no one ever believes me. It took a while, but after exclaiming "I hate your veins!" she finally got it.

Yesterday I got my PICC line, and I was so happy to get that IV out. PICC lines are so much more comfortable. I recorded a few different video clips of the process, and I'm hoping to put them together into a video for my YouTube channel.

My blood sugar was also a bit off, so I had to get a glucose tolerance test today. I started my fast at midnight last night, and had to chug that disgusting drink at eight this morning. My blood was drawn at 10:20, so we'll find out tonight the results...this has happened two or three times before, so I'm not too nervous. But I guess it's still a bit scary, knowing that this test is for Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes, or CFRD, and 20% of people contract it because their pancreas is blocked by the mucus.

Also, my friends Anna and Brandi visited me bright and early today, right while I was chugging the drink! Haha. Yesterday was Anna's 18th birthday, and I was supposed to go to her birthday/going away party. :( She stopped by on the way to UofM, and Brandi's helping her move in her things right's so sad. They've been my best friends at dance for as long as I can remember.

Whew! I know this has been long. A lot more happens at the hospital than it does at home, that's for sure. Dr. Marks asked me today if I thought it was time to get a port...that kind of took me by surprise. Lots to think about. He says I'll be staying here for at least a few more days, so I have no idea if that means two or ten. We'll just have to see.