I was thinking of something today. Okay. So, I feel like everyone has a place, or a time, or an activity, or something-or-other where their soul finds peace. A something-or-other where it finally seems like everything is going to be okay. And then I thought to myself, "You know, Hannah, I bet consciously acknowledging those something-or-others is a really good way to find happiness." And you know what? I agree with myself. So, here I go.

My Something-Or-Others

  1. Dancing: Okay, so this is typical. Any dancer would say this. But there's just some indescribable feeling that goes along to moving your body to a piece of music and knowing that other people are entertained by it. It's also cool to know that it used to be a huge medium for storytelling. Tap dancing really gives me that feeling more than any other style of dance, because I don't feel self-conscious when I tap. Honestly, when I dance, I completely forget about my real life. About all the problems and all the worries (unless it's a lyrical piece . . . in that case, I like to draw from my experiences to get true emotion on stage).
  2. Writing: Writing gives me basically the opposite feeling as dancing does. Oftentimes, writing is a very painful and difficult process for me. Digging up everything that I pretend isn't there, the words that flow from my fingertips force me to deal with the crap I avoid. Poetry, in particular, really helps me deal with memories that are still raw. So, while writing is actually the time my soul feels the heaviest, it's also the time my soul feels the freest. Many people say that there is peace in ignorance, but I think that knowing is peaceful, because it forces you to find a solution. Or at least to stop pretending.
  3. Sleeping: I'm not sure that this one needs an explanation, but the future usually seems to become less scary after a good nap.
  4. Walking: I really like taking walks. And through making this list, I've realized that I don't take enough of them. Night walks are great, because the air just tastes so fresh and the stars just seem so bright, but I'm actually kinda scared of the dark. Maybe, if I could just wake earlier, I could take pretty morning walks. They're so soothing. (Running, on the other hand, is my bane.)
  5. The minutes after a long cough attack: While hacking my lungs out with a reddened face isn't the most comfortable thing in the world, my lungs always feel sooooo good after I've spent a good ten minutes punishing them with giant coughs. Unlike in my usual state, this something-or-other allows me to take HUGE breaths without stabbing pain or a tickling throat.
  6. The movie theater: If it wasn't so darn expensive, I would go more often! I like how all responsibility seems to fade away when you're watching a movie in the theater. It's like you're telling the world, "For the next 150 minutes, I am completely unreachable!" And, c'mon, with a giant bucket of warm, buttery popcorn on your lap, it's like the spa for your soul.
  7. After finishing a huge assignment: Much like my cough attacks, this isn't enjoyable during the process. Only after. I love that "Ahhhh!" feeling. Maybe I should use that as motivation to further push myself.

These aren't all of my something-or-others, but I think it's a good start. Hopefully, now that I've recognized where my soul feels happy, I'll be able to enjoy these states more and spend more time smiling.