Midsummer Update

It's been a while. A lot has happened in the (almost) first two months of summer.

Nationals...were the best our dance academy has ever had. We honestly just kicked BUTT. First places all over the place. My tap solo was against 16 other girls, and I got second. It was amazing. :) Standing up at awards to receive that trophy was the happiest I've felt in a long, long time. Probably since before Alex passed away, which was three months ago, yesterday. It was my last nationals I've ever had, and my goal was just to get a ribbon--8th place or above. I've gotten 9th at nationals like three times, haha. Basically, I had an amazing, amazing time.

After nationals, I fell pretty sick. Everyone in my troupe had a cold or an infection or the flu virus at somepoint--that part was sucky. People were throwing up and I was just terrified that I would catch a horrible infection in my lungs. And the day after I got home, I was sneezing all over and over, which a sign for me that something is really wrong. I never sneeze. I made it to my quarterly visit, which was two days ago on monday, and my lung functions turned out to be 79%! Almost 80...awesome awesome awesome! I usually stay around 65%, so I was really happy, but still wondering why I've been feeling crappy. Dr. Marks said (Dr. Homnick left...I'm so sad) that it's probably a sinus infection that was starting to travel to my lungs. He sent me on my way, and I've been feeling better since I've started bactrumm, which was like a week ago. I even went on a run today(:

Oh...and after I got home from clinic, Justin and I had a Harry Potter marathon. 8 movies, 21 hours, one day straight. It was actually a lot harder than it seems, haha. We both kept falling asleep, but I'm glad that I can make Harry Potter jokes around him without him being confused, now(:

That's about it. I have a lot coming onto my plate, now...college apps, band camp, choreographing dances for troupe next year, reading all my AP Literature Summer reading books. So, yeah. Looks my lazy days on the beach are going to be more scarce from here on out.