Hi! I'm Hannah Buck.

I'm a 23-year-old mess with cystic fibrosis and other similarly fun things. The chronic illnesses I was born with make tasks like breathing and gaining weight difficult: stairs are a challenge, scars decorate my body, and I've grown up in and out of hospital beds. Most people would probably agree that I'm a classic, textbook, Grade A sick person. Yet, I still consider myself to be healthy. A Healthy Han explains why.

Our health is based on a lot more than how fast our mile is or how infrequently we catch the flu. In Western culture, "health" is often thought of as a purely clinical concept. Yes, my list of diseases is longer than my list of ex-boyfriends - but I do as much as I can to be healthy in other ways, and those things add up!

I nourish my body with whole, plant-based foods. I promote positive thinking and improved mental health.  I strive for symbiotic, fulfilling relationships with friends and family, as well as with myself.

This blog is my space to spread a message of hope: that when you finally decide to stand up and control what you can, it's easier to make peace with what you can't.